Investment Strategy - Putting cash to work in commodities

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After a great year for the global economy in 2017, 2018 is seeing more challenges, especially in Europe and Asia. Confidence indicators in these regions have fallen and growth has slowed. The US, however, is doing well, as its economy hums along, supported by tax reform and business-friendly policies.

Trend growth in Europe is still expected this year, but it is a decline from the above-trend growth seen in 2017. Factors related to Europe’s slowdown include the escalating trade war rhetoric and rising oil prices. In emerging markets, there have been negative effects from the stronger US dollar, trade war tensions and concerns over economic growth in China.

The most recent rockiness in financial markets has been a consequence of the tensions between the US and Turkey and the subsequent strong depreciation of the lira versus the US dollar, which has also negatively affected other emerging-markets currencies.

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