Investment Outlook

The great restart

After a tough 2020, which saw dramatic markets and the eruption of a full-blown pandemic, 2021 is expected to be a time of recovery – beginning in the second quarter. In our Investment Outlook, we lay out our vision of what’s to come and how investors can prepare for the global economic restart.

Update investment strategy - Constructive view maintained

ABN AMRO continues to prefer stocks (modest overweight) over bonds (neutral). While risks remain, the global economy is clearly recovering in 2021.

Investing in 2021: The Great Restart

2020 has been a turbulent year. We do, however, expect sustained economic recovery from the second quarter of 2021 onwards – albeit in volatile market conditions. We believe investors should prepare for this 'great restart' slightly overweight risk in their portfolios. In this video, Head of Investment Strategy Ralph Wessels dives into our investment vision for 2021, including an actionable and concise explanation of risks and opportunities.