Three best practices learnt during successful Neuflize OBC bank new app version launch

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On 28 January 2019 glasses were filled with champagne in the offices in Paris and Amsterdam when the “Publish” button was pushed to release the new enhanced version for Neuflize OBC Bank (mobile banking is available since June 2017). The last couple of months teams in the Netherlands and France worked closely together to create a product which would both follow current digital banking trends and also meet our clients’ growing demands.

After just two weeks since launch 95% of Neuflize OBC clients were already on a new enhanced version, which exceeds all industry averages (usually would be several months). The number of payments made after launch has since increased by 78% (as compared to a similar previous period).

Three lessons learnt from the Neuflize OBC launch really stand out: first, it is perceived as a great product by clients, second, the well planned marketing activities and third, good timing.

Great client-driven product

First brick in the foundation of the success was improvement of existing and addition of new functionalities. The new version went through numerous rigorous testing with increased speed, fix of bugs and other. In the new version the focus was on key private banking functionalities: investments introducing a far more detailed view of the portfolio and Life Insurance Contracts information.

Well planned marketing activities

The second important lesson was the importance of a solid marketing plan and the correct choice of digital channels during the launch. There were two primary digital channels: newsletters and push notification. Interactive newsletter distribution with links directly to the stores and push notifications sent to clients’ phones were divided into two stages: initial information in the week of the launch and follow up the week after. An App Demo was also created for Neuflize OBC Bank Relationship Managers to promote the app offline.

Correct timing

The last item leading to the successful launch of the app was timing: January is the month with the highest activity of banking clients. We usually experience approximately 30% more usage in January as compared to other months of the year. Due to this increased usage, the timing was perfect to pleasantly surprise our customers with this new app version. For the digital banking grid the combination of a great product, marketing and launch time will be the winning formula to move forward. As Florent Vial, Distributed Grid Member France for Digital Banking, Neuflize OBC Bank says: “This successful launch crowns a major team effort combining Digital Banking and Investment Grids, Neuflize OBC teams and many other key stakeholders. It represents an important step forward. towards an improved client experience. Stay tuned, there’s more to come pretty soon.“

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