Frequently asked questions about the war in Ukraine

4 March 2022

The impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine can be felt all over the world. First of all for the inhabitants of Ukraine and their loved ones. But the global economy is also hit hard. The sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union are affecting the payment systems of all Dutch / Belgian banks, including those of ABN AMRO. There is also a high risk of cyber-attacks and fraud. We are doing everything we can to protect you against this. On this page you can read more about the impact of the sanctions on your banking.
Private Equity

New emission Private Equity

3 March 2022

As of today, we can offer a new fund: PE Selections - Nucleus Advent GPE X. This fund invests in the leading global investment Advent Global Private Equity programme: an investment portfolio containing an expected 30-40 companies in Europe, North America and Asia.
Vlerick Whitepaper

SMEs that invest in sustainability are more resilient, research shows

Investing in sustainability increases the resilience of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) because they become more creditworthy, according to new research conducted by Vlerick Business School and commissioned by ABN AMRO.

Your investments in the second half of 2022: what to expect?

The headwinds facing the global economy have intensified over recent months. We recommend investors to stay invested and to stay well diversified across and within asset classes. In this video Erik Joly, Chief Economist, explains why the current market environment calls for a balanced portfolio positioning.

Duurzaam Magazine - circulariteit

Sustainable Magazine

ABN AMRO presents its Sustainable Magazine. The September 2021 edition will address the theme of circularity.



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