Special Careers: Sport


ABN AMRO supports special careers as Partner of the future.

In our role as a Partner of the Future, we actively help to build a promising future for people and for society. Banking has a number of values in common with the world of sports and entertainment, such as endurance and passion. This gives us a good feel about what athletes and artists need, so we can serve them better both as a bank and as a partner.

We foster young talent in their quest to become professionals, we support them at the peak of their career and we even continue to coach them afterwards. All the while, we focus on specific requirements of these special careers, and we are able to call upon the experience of former professional footballers and bankers Piet den Boer and Tim Smolders.

We make sure that your finances are in good hands, while you focus on your career.


Stage 1: from budding athlete to professional

You start off as a talented individual and quickly make your way up to professional level. Your time is limited, your income rises.

Stage 2: from professional to championĀ 

Your career is booming. You are a successful professional and your income reflects that. Your assets are expanding. Now is the time to ensure that you put enough funds aside.

Stage 3: from champion to celebrity

You have now achieved stardom. But stars do not shine forever. You ensure that your assets are properly managed so you won’t have to make concessions when it comes to your standard of living.

Stage 4: second careerĀ 

Often, the peak of your career is followed by a new high point. But you should also be prepared for a potential drop-off in your income.

Special Careers: Entertainment

Special Careers: Entertainment