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Entrepreneur & Enterprise investments

Are you thinking about investing your assets, but are still looking for the right way? We are here to help you make the right choices. Are you looking to invest personally or via your company? Do you prefer to stay in control yourself or receive the guidance of a third party? 

Our experts will be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your situation that is tailored to your wishes and preferences.

Specially for entrepreneurs and enterprises


Enterprise & Entrepreneur Mandate

The mandate for entrepreneurs gives you an optimal business portfolio consisting of a limited number of specific investment funds. The aim is to invest in financial instruments with a low corporate tax impact. The other key criteria are good management and strategy adherence with respect for the investment profile.


Discover the real return on your investments with our scan for companies

To make the right investment decisions and optimise your assets, you want to have a good insight into the net return on your investments. Our scan for companies gives you a detailed overview of the tax burden on your portfolio. This aims to make the investments of entrepreneurs and companies more transparent.

ESG and sustainable investing: discover our range

With a sustainable investment portfolio you demonstrate your social commitment to people, society and the environment. It gives you the opportunity to invest in a better future. Both for you and for generations to come.

Invest as you wish

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Your portfolio manager guides you through every choice you make. 

  • A team of experienced experts invests for you
  • You can choose from several mandates that match your wishes and goals

Investment Advice

You build your investment portfolio together with your investment adviser. 

  • Your investment adviser acts as your partner, but you make your own decisions 
  • You can choose from several concepts that match your wishes and goals

Self directed investing

You would like to decide on your own in what you invest. 

  • You make your own investment choices 
  • You choose from shares, investment funds, ETFs and complex products

When can I become a client?


Financial assets

You have liquid assets in the amount of at least € 1.000.000.

You are an entrepreneur and expect to sell your business.


Family business

You have a family business with a turnover of at least € 10.000.000.

Would you like to talk about your wishes and goals?

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