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Structured products


What is a structured product?

A structured product combines several financial products that together offer a profitability and risk profile that is based on the investor's requirements. The value of a structured product depends directly on the price trend of the underlying asset (which may be shares, a market index, a basket of securities and so on), the interest rate trends and the issuer's creditworthiness.

The life span of a structured product is limited and the investor will recover their capital, which may have increased or decreased based on the performance of the underlying assets1, either at maturity or before the final maturity date in certain cases described in the documentation (an automatic recall or a recall requested by the issuer).

Certain products may not be suitable for private investors because of their complexity. Please consult the Key Information Document describing the product's main characteristics, costs and risks before investing in a structured product.


Tailored structured products

The combinations of the underlying financial assets offer unlimited options. ABN AMRO Private Banking creates structured products that are tailored to our customers. This means that you can choose the institution that is issuing the product, your capital guarantee1, the term, the currency and the underlying value. We work with you to find the structured product that matches your specific objectives and the risk you are prepared to take in exchange for a potential return.

1 Except if the issuer and/or guarantor go bankrupt or are at risk of going bankrupt.


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Valuation of complex structured products

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