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Choose the credit card that suits you

ABN AMRO Private Banking creditcards

Capital Business Card

  • 24/7 Support 
  • Best in class for acceptance and safety 
  • Discrete card design 
  • Comprehensive global travel insurance and assistance benefits 
  • Cardholder’s name and optional company name 
  • 3D Secure Authentication 

Capital Gold Card

  • 24/7 Support 
  • Best in class for acceptance and safety 
  • Discrete card design 
  • Comprehensive global travel insurance and assistance benefits 
  • Multiple cards possible 
  • 3D Secure Authentication 

ABN AMRO credit card helpdesk

Do you want to block your credit card? Contact the Advanzia helpdesk on +352 26 15 74, or call the Mastercard helpdesk at +1 636 722 7111.

Online credit card platform

As an ABN AMRO cardholder, you can manage your account online through Capitol Service Online, our fast and secure online credit card platform for smartphone, tablet or PC. 

You can find this credit card platform at mycapitolcards.com. You can set up SMS alerts, check your balance, view transactions, print your statements, etc. 

ABN AMRO credit card helpdesk

As a holder of an ABN AMRO credit card, you can count on a specialised helpdesk that offers you the necessary support in the event of theft, loss or technical problems.  

Do you want to block your credit card? Contact the Advanzia helpdesk on +352 26 15 74, or call the Mastercard helpdesk at +1 636 722 7111.


Block your credit card?

Contact the Advanzia helpdesk on +352 26 15 74, or call the Mastercard helpdesk at +1 636 722 7111.
In order to quickly process your request to block your card, we kindly ask you to have the following information at hand:  
  • The card number you wish to block 
  • The name of the card issuer (usually your bank) 
  • The account number associated with your lost or stolen card 
  • The personal details (surname, first name, date of birth and postcode) of the cardholder (usually yourself) 
MasterCard has extensive coverage worldwide. It is the most accepted card in the world and you can use it in almost any country. There are more than 1.7 billion MasterCards in circulation worldwide. In the Netherlands, France and Belgium, more than 100,000 merchants accept MasterCard. More information can be found on www.mastercard.com
However, the final acceptance of the card remains a choice of the individual merchant. Credit cards cost a merchant more per payment transaction than a debit card. This is particularly evident in the acceptance by small independent companies: bakers, butchers, newsagents, etc. A number of larger supermarkets such as Colruyt and AH (Albert Heijn) also do not accept credit cards due to the costs. These merchants often only accept Bancontact or cash as a payment method in Belgium. ABN AMRO is aware of this and offers the option to withdraw cash free of charge as compensation. You are only limited in this by the maximum amounts of the ATM and the limit of your MasterCard. 
Yes, your MasterCard is internationally activated by default. You do not need to contact us if you are travelling outside Europe. 
There are three options for this: 
  1. You can block your MasterCard yourself through the Advanzia website: www.mycapitolcards.com
  2. You can contact the Advanzia Helpdesk by telephone on +352 26 15 74
  3. You can contact the Mastercard helpdesk at +1 636 722 7111.
  4. During office hours, you can ask your trusted ABN AMRO contact person to block the MasterCard for you.
Please note! You cannot have your MasterCard blocked through the Belgian Cardstop number. We therefore recommend that you save the number of the Advanzia Helpdesk in your telephone. 
Yes, you can temporarily deactivate and activate your MasterCard through the Advanzia platform www.mycapitolcards.com. You do not need to request Advanzia or ABN AMRO to intervene for this. The request for activation or deactivation takes effect immediately. 
Yes. In case of loss or theft you can rely on the emergency procedure. This means that you will receive an emergency card and PIN by courier within one working day. During office hours, you can contact your trusted ABN AMRO contact person for this. Outside office hours, you can reach the Advanzia Helpdesk 24/7/365 on +352 26 15 74. You will be assisted in English, French or German on this number. You can also call the Mastercard helpdesk at +1 636 722 7111.


Certainly, your MasterCard is suitable for making secure online payments. Your card supports 3D Secure technology, allowing you to make purchases safely on all sites. Please note! In order to be able to use the 3D Secure technology, your mobile number must be known to both Advanzia and ABN AMRO. You can always pass on your mobile number to your trusted ABN AMRO contact person.
Your Apple ID is the personal account that gives you access to Apple services such as the App Store, the iTunes Store, iCloud, iMessage, the Apple Online Store, FaceTime and more. When you create an Apple ID to make purchases, you must provide a payment method. With credit cards, Apple unfortunately sets the condition that the country of issue of a credit card must be directly linked to the country in which you wish to use the App Store. Your new MasterCard is issued in Luxembourg, where Advanzia is located. This means that in theory your new MasterCard can only be used in the Luxembourg App Store. Alternatively, you can opt for PayPal. 

PayPal is a secure and widespread way to pay online without entering your credit card information. This payment method is supported by Apple, which gives you access to all Apple services. This can be done in 2 easy steps: 
  1. Open a PayPal account: www.paypal.be
    Please note! You must create a PayPal account in the same country as your App Store. So a Belgian PayPal account if you use the Belgian App Store, a French account for the French App Store, etc. 
  2. Activate PayPal as a payment option with your Apple ID: applepaymentpartner.com/en-us/paypal 
You can use your MasterCard when paying in car parks. The vast majority of car parks support MasterCard, especially the large car parks such as lnterparking and Qpark. 
When parking in the street, you may not be able to pay with your MasterCard or cash. In these situations, you can usually pay by text message or useful parking apps. 
In Belgium you can use services such as 4411 (www.4411.be) and parkmobile (parkmobile.be). These services are billed monthly through your mobile phone bill or by direct debit. 
In the Netherlands you can use Yellowbrick (www.yellowbrick.nl) or Park-line (park-line.nl). These services are billed monthly either through your MasterCard or other methods. 15 Belgian municipalities also already support Park-line. 
If you had current subscriptions on your old credit card, you must convert them to your new MasterCard. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this because only you have insight into your current subscriptions. 
The providers of these subscriptions will usually also contact you themselves when your previous credit card expires or is no longer valid. 
Some subscriptions also allow you to switch to PayPal so that you only need to keep your credit card information up to date on one account. 
Not yet. However, Advanzia’s online platform is specifically designed for mobile use and works very well on any smartphone and tablet.
Your new card theoretically supports changing the PIN. However, the Belgian, Dutch and German ATMs currently do not allow this. We understand that this is a very disagreeable situation. For the time being, you can only use the PIN that came with your MasterCard. 
Your new card has an extensive number of insurance policies. Exactly which insurance policies are associated with your card depends on the type of card you have (Silver or Gold). For a comprehensive overview, please refer to the brochure that you received with your card. You can also review the terms and conditions of these insurance policies online when you log in on www.mycapitolcards.com. 
Please note! To ensure that you are covered by the various travel-related insurance policies, you must pay for part of your trip with the card (such as the flight, the hotel or the rental car). 
You can view your statements online at www.mycapitolcards.com. You will find all your expenses, your spending limit and your monthly spending status on this portal. You can review and download these in PDF format. 
The expense periods run from the 28th of the month to the 27th of the following month. 
We settle your expenses on the first working day of the following month. Your new limit will be available immediately after closing. 
At Advanzia you have the option to receive your monthly Advanzia statements by email. For this, please contact the Advanzia Helpdesk on +352 26 15 74 or your trusted ABN AMRO contact person during office hours. 
You can lower your card limit immediately online yourself (www.mycapitolcards.com ). This will take effect immediately. You can also request a limit increase online. This must first be approved by ABN AMRO. It is usually more efficient if you contact your trusted ABN AMRO contact person directly for this. Once approved, you can immediately access the new card limit.
If you have provided your email address and mobile number on the application form, you will automatically receive an email from Advanzia to create an online account. 
If you have not received the email, but have filled in the form, please contact the Advanzia Helpdesk on +352 26 15 74. They will help you further. 
If you have not provided your email address, please contact your ABN AMRO contact person to register it.
Your ABN AMRO MasterCard is equipped with the 3D Secure security function as standard. For some online transactions you may be asked to enter a ‘one-off password’ (OTP code). This ‘one-off password’ has 6 digits and is sent via SMS to your mobile phone, which is registered with credit card provider Advanzia. When making the online payment, you will receive the ‘one-off password’ and you can enter it on the shop’s website to complete the transaction. 
If credit card provider Advanzia does not have your mobile number, you will receive a message during the payment requesting you to contact the Advanzia Helpdesk by telephone. You can then still have your mobile number registered. If your mobile number has changed, please contact the Advanzia Helpdesk on +352 26 15 74. They will help you further.