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Legacy for your loved ones

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Lara Hadjistratis

Head of Wealth Solutions

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Making a bank donation

Making a bank donation is fiscally advantageous and not difficult if you know what to pay attention to.

Wondering how this works? Watch the video (Video is in Dutch, click here for the French video) and contact our Wealth Solutions Team if you are interested.

Everything well arranged for the future

Thinking about your legacy may not be pleasant. But being unprepared is even more annoying for yourself and your loved ones. ABN AMRO Private Banking offers various services to help you prepare for the future. In this way, your assets are bequeathed to you in your own way.

ABN AMRO Private Banking

Assets require attention. A good Private Bank understands this and knows that every customer has unique needs and wishes. At ABN AMRO Private Banking you will therefore have your own team of specialists with specific knowledge and experience. Our specialised Private Bankers are happy to take the time to work with you to develop an asset strategy that matches your personal objectives.