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Credit at ABN AMRO Private Banking

Extra financial capacity with a securities loan, real estate financing, or business financing?

Do you want to finance a project or business activity, purchase real estate or monetise an asset? ABN AMRO Private Banking has flexible, tailor-made credit solutions available. From simple securities-backed loans (also known as a Lombard loan) to more complex business financing, our credit experts will help you assess your projects and financial situation. They will advise and assist you with all your financing needs relating to your asset strategy.


More financial headroom with securities-backed loan/a Lombard loan

Say, for example, that you have built up a good investment portfolio over the years. What do you do if an attractive investment opportunity suddenly comes along, such as a real estate investment? Would you sacrifice your securities to buy the other option? There's no need. Thanks to a loan that uses your securities portfolio as collateral, the funds can be made available to you without having to sell your securities. You can kill two birds with one stone: you keep your complete securities portfolio and gain rapid access to funds, thereby allowing you to benefit from attractive investment opportunities. Ideal for widening and diversifying your asset base. Are you curious about the potential offered by a securities-backed loan of this kind, also known as a Lombard loan? Go here to read more. You are also welcome to talk to us personally at any time.


Real estate financing

If you decide to invest in real estate, it may be a good idea to finance part of this using your own funds and partly through a loan. This not only means you can make a stronger investment, but you retain access to part of your own funds. You can then use these funds for other investment opportunities. Find out about the options for real estate financing in our Mortgage Loans Prospectus, or contact us with no obligation.


Business financing

You may need a financing solution to tackle regulatory or technology changes, expand your business, enable growth, or achieve your operational business goals. Examples include loans to improve your supply chain, increase your working capital or invest in infrastructure or machinery, or another form of capital expenditure. Potential solutions include a term loan or a (rolling) credit facility. Would you like to find out more about how we can help you achieve your (business) goals?

For whom is Private Banking?

At ABN AMRO Private Banking you will receive support from a specialised Private Banker for every stage of your life. In this way, you are assured of valuable advice and expert tailor-made services. Do you have disposable capital of € 1,000,000 and would you like to know more about what ABN AMRO Private Banking can do for you? Then make an obligation-free appointment.

Our approach

As an ABN AMRO Private Banking customer, you will have your own Private Banker with whom you can review your ideas. They will critically inquire about your rationale and keep you astute in your motives. Your Private Banker and commercial assistant oversee your overall situation. In addition, if you have specific wishes, your own team of specialists will be at your disposal.