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Our sustainable vision

Banking for better, for generations to come

Sustainability is not just something we do, it's who we are. It's in our DNA. We have been a pioneer in this area for the last few decades. 

As an example, our products and services include an extensive range of ESG and environmental impact mandates that we are continuously working to improve. In our corporate banking activities, we make deliberate choices by applying our wide-ranging expertise and experience in sustainable business financing. Meanwhile, in our own organisation we are also committed to neutralising our climate impact through our membership of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance. 

In a nutshell, we walk the talk.


How we deliver on our climate strategy

How we work locally to build an ecosystem that manages impact

Vlerick Business School
We recently extended our research partnership with Vlerick Center for Sustainable Finance for another 4 years, and together with Vlerick, we are supporting the CLIMRISK project.
For the fourth consecutive year, we are supporting start-up climate impact entrepreneurs through the Ashoka Impact Acceleration Programme.
Impact Finance Belgium
Since its launch at the end of 2022, we have been a partner of Impact Finance Belgium, an organisation that aims to increase the proportion of impact capital in Belgium.
Sustainable Impact Fund

What are we, as a bank, doing to accelerate the sustainability shift of our private customers and businesses?

  • Offering and promoting ESG and impact investments.
  • Supporting family businesses in their sustainability transition challenges, such as:
    - Finding innovative solutions and partners (i.e. Impact Nation).
    - Our many years of expertise in advising and supporting large companies in financing their sustainable transition (e.g. green bonds).
    - ABN AMRO's Sustainable Impact Fund that provides Venture and Private Equity Capital to sustainable growth companies.

Our focus on sustainability and Tomorrow's impact

  • With its annual "TOMORROW" national event, ABN AMRO makes the future visible and sustainable. After all, a better world for tomorrow won't build itself. It needs ideas. And people. And investments. At "Tomorrow", we bring all these elements together so that they can leverage each other. 
  • In addition to content, we also take care of internal staff by involving three top chefs who are known for their social commitment and sustainable cuisine. 
  • Our partnership with the Tara Ocean Foundation is also part of this.