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Investment Rates

Our investment rates, spelled out for you

Insight into your investment costs

With ABN AMRO Private Banking there are many ways for you to invest in a wide-ranging product portfolio. What you pay for depends on the services you purchase and on your transaction behaviour. The list of tariffs below contains the most important rates for investing.


Your annual investment costs

What costs does investing entail?

Do you invest with ABN AMRO Private Banking? Then the costs consist of:

  • The advice fees and the all-in fee for your investment form.
  • The transaction fees for your buying and selling orders. If you pay an all-in rate as a client, these transaction fees do not apply.
  • VAT. You pay 21% VAT on the Investment Advice fees, the all-in Discretionary Portfolio Management fee and some other charges. For Investment Advice with an all-in fee, you only pay VAT over 30% of that fee.
  • The ongoing costs of investment funds. Investment funds incur costs. These so-called “ongoing costs” are included in the investment fund’s price.

You can see the investment costs expressed as an amount and a percentage of your investment portfolio. This is the value of your investments and the liquidities.

Invest the way you want

There are many ways to invest with ABN AMRO Private Banking. Which way suits you best? What is your potential yield? To determine that, you naturally consider the costs as well. However, it is even more important to pick an investment form that matches your investor profile and your personal preferences.

Invest as you wish


Discretionary Portfolio Management

Your portfolio manager guides you through every choice you make. 

  • A team of experienced experts invests for you
  • You can choose from several mandates that match your wishes and goals

Investment Advice

You build your investment portfolio together with your investment adviser. 

  • Your investment adviser acts as your partner, but you make your own decisions 
  • You can choose from several concepts that match your wishes and goals

Self directed investing

You would like to decide on your own in what you invest. 

  • You make your own investment choices 
  • You choose from shares, investment funds, ETFs and complex products