Special Careers: Entertainment


ABN AMRO supports “special careers” as a Partner of the Future

In our role as a Partner of the Future, we are actively helping to build a promising future for people and society in general. We foster young and talented minds, serve as a guiding light at the peak of their career and continue to support them long afterwards.

Since each career is unique, especially in the entertainment world, we tailor our advice to your personal situation. Over the past 13 years, the ABN AMRO Sports & Entertainment Desk has provided financial support on an international scale to more than 1,000 professionals in the worlds of sports and entertainment.

We can use the knowledge that we have acquired over the years to help you make the right decisions.

We know exactly what a career as a model, DJ or artist requires, and we know how great the pressure can be on stage. Most importantly, we understand the financial requirements of an individual in your position. This is why we make sure that your financial affairs receive all the attention they deserve, anytime, anywhere in the world, leaving you to concentrate fully on your work with complete peace of mind.

We will guide and support you at every stage of your career, so that you always make sound financial decisions.

Stage 1: from talent to personality

You are focusing 100% on developing your career. You have little time and your assets are limited (for the time being).

Stage 2: from personality to fame

Your career is taking off. Your income rises rapidly. You think about how your career will continue to develop and start to set some funds aside.

Stage 3: from fame to star

You are a star, but stars do not shine forever. You keep your future in mind. We manage your assets, ensuring that even when your career has ended, you do not have to compromise on your standard of living.

Stage 4: New plans

Do you have ambitions for a second, alternative career? You can certainly find success in that too, but you should also be prepared for a potential drop in your income.