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Then contact Julien Richelle, our manager new business. He will guide you through the initial steps. Together you will discuss your wishes, needs, and any financial questions. Based on the outcome of this meeting, Julien will connect you to your private banker.

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When can I become a client?

Financial assets

You have liquid assets in the amount of at least € 500.000.


You are an entrepreneur and expect to sell your business within the next 3 years.


You are interested in (mortgage) credit of at least €1.000.000.

This is the process of becoming a client

1. Initial telephone conversation

Once you have expressed an interest in becoming a client, Julien will contact you to make note of your wishes and requirements and to tell you more about our services. Together you will discuss how you prefer to stay in touch with your private banker and the commercial assistant.
If Julien is unavailable, one of our colleagues is at your disposal to answer any questions.

2. Confirmation of your appointment

After speaking with Julien, he will connect you to a private banker that best suits your previously discussed wishes and requirements, e.g. a private banker that has experience with specific questions you are faced with during a particular stage in your life. Read more about our approach to private banking in every stage of life.

Afterwards, your private banker or the commercial assistant will contact you to schedule your first meeting. 

3. First meeting with your private banker

During the first meeting with your private banker, he/she will tell you more about the services available to you as an ABN AMRO Private Banking client. Together you will discuss and arrange the services you require and the next steps. If you want, you can also meet with our wealth structuring and investment specialists.

4. Start 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) process

In order to get better acquainted, we are interested in hearing more about your story, your history, and your financial motivators. This information will help us to align our services to your wishes and goals. We are also required to ask you about the origin of your financial assets.
The 'Know Your Customer' principle states that, as a financial institution, we are required to know about the origin of financial assets before we can accept a new client. The duration of this process depends on your financial situation. Your private banker will keep you updated on the progress during the process.

5. Next steps

After meeting your private banker, you are ready to get started with the help of our specialists.

Don't hesitate to contact me for an informal meeting. Julien Richelle Manager new business

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