Enterprise & Entrepreneur

Tailor-made solutions for you as an entrepreneur

Your assets are unique and have their own history. The family business is often a major part of your assets. Therefore, the interaction between your company and your private assets is of utmost importance. That is why we offer an in-depth focus on your overall patrimony, from a personal, professional and family point of view. This requires a holistic approach in which your private banker rely upon specialists and the entire network of our international banking group.

Investing in a company

When developing an investment strategy for your company, an objective and transparent policy based upon your objectives, risk profile and time horizon is key. Together we analyze the various types of investment instruments and their tax implications because a wrong choice in the investment policy can have serious tax consequences for your company. Finally, your investment portfolio will enclose investment products, chosen via our “open architecture”- methodology, which guarantees an optimal cost structure. After all, it is not only tax that can have a negative impact on the potential return on your portfolio, but also the costs associated with each individual product.

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