Credit at ABN AMRO Private Banking

Extra financial capacity with a securities loan or real estate financing

Sometimes extra financial headroom can be useful. Perhaps you can free up money from your own resources. However, that might not always be convenient because you would prefer not to touch your existing investments. In that case, we can offer you an investment credit against competitive interest rates, with your portfolio as collateral. This not only frees you up to take advantage of interesting investment opportunities, but might net you better returns on your investment than the cost of your credit. For professional advice and bespoke credit solutions, ABN AMRO Private Banking credit experts are always at your service.

More financial headroom with a securities loan

Imagine: over the years you have built up a nice investment portfolio. What do you do when an attractive investment opportunity suddenly presents itself, such as a real estate investment? Do you sacrifice your securities to be able to buy the other? Well, thanks to a loan with your securities portfolio as collateral, you have funds at your disposal without having to sell your securities. You can thus kill two birds with one stone: you keep your entire securities portfolio and you have quick access to funds that allow you to take advantage of interesting investment opportunities. Ideal to further spread and diversify your assets. Are you curious about the possibilities of a securities loan?

Real estate financing

Have you decided to buy real estate? Then it might be a good idea to finance this partly from your own resources, and partly with a loan. This not only allows you to make a larger investment, but also to retain some of the resources at your disposal. This can then be used to take advantage of other investment opportunities. In addition, with our competitive credit interest rates, it may even be possible to achieve greater returns on your own equity. Discover the possibilities of real estate financing in our Mortgage Credit Prospectus ( French or Dutch ) or contact us without obligation.

For whom is Private Banking?

At ABN AMRO Private Banking you will receive support from a specialised Private Banker for every stage of your life. In this way, you are assured of valuable advice and expert tailor-made services. Do you have disposable capital of € 500,000 and would you like to know more about what ABN AMRO Private Banking can do for you? Then make an obligation-free appointment.

Our approach

As an ABN AMRO Private Banking customer, you will have your own Private Banker with whom you can review your ideas. They will critically inquire about your rationale and keep you astute in your motives. Your Private Banker and commercial assistant oversee your overall situation. In addition, if you have specific wishes, your own team of specialists will be at your disposal.