Private Lending

privé leningen

As an entrepreneur, international citizen or a private person, you can gain a higher return through private lending. ABN AMRO Private Banking can help you enhance your investment portfolio, by leveraging your investments and not breaking them up. We also provide the advice and expertise you need to finance business ventures, purchase real estate and acquire luxury asset


Credit when it suits you  
To take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise, it’s essential to have access to credit. When it suits you.

And if you have securities which are eligible as collateral such as equities or fixed income securities, you can avail of Lombard lending at competitive rates.

By leveraging your assets, you can take advantage of good investment opportunities. To achieve higher potential returns and increase your wealth. Expand or diversify your portfolio. And prevent the unwanted break-up of your existing investments. Our lending experts at ABN AMRO Private Banking will provide you with the right advice and devise tailor-made credit solutions for you.  


Financing personal enjoyment. 
If you are planning to buy a luxury asset such as a yacht, private jet or an international home, we’d like to talk with you about financing.

Luxury assets are an important source of personal enjoyment. Imagine the pleasure of sailing and entertaining on a yacht. Or flying in your own jet, whenever and wherever you want in complete comfort. Or escaping to your international home. At ABN AMRO Private Banking, we offer tailor-made credit solutions so you can purchase luxury assets wisely, and without breaking up your investment portfolio. From international mortgages to yacht loans, we will ensure that you enjoy the fruits of a structured plan with the best financing available.


Financing new opportunities

As an entrepreneur, you’re on the lookout for new opportunities. In business, investments and for yourself. If you have an entrepreneurial idea in mind, talk with us about your financing options.

At ABN AMRO Private Banking we provide entrepreneurs with tailor-made financing solutions. So you can invest in new ventures, diversify your business strategy or switch some of your business assets over for personal use. We give you solid and professional advice. With a single point of contact to help minimise any impact on your business activities and time. 

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