Strategic view: Look beyond the clouds

Due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak, the short-term economic outlook is clouded. Therefore, in this Investment Outlook, our focus is not only on the second half of 2020. We also look at what’s ahead in the longer term. What will the investment world look like once the clouds are starting to lift?

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Strategic view

The economy is suffering from unprecedented lockdowns installed to fight the Covid-19 virus. Looking at the coming months, there is a lot of uncertainty, as it remains unclear to what extent the economy can be reopened without increasing medical risks. For the longer term, it is already clear that there will be lasting consequences of the current pandemic.

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Five reasons why the recovery will take time

With restrictions on economic activity starting to be lifted, optimism is in the air. We are sceptical about the idea of a durable, strong recovery taking shape quickly. A bounce in activity around the middle of this year will most likely be followed by renewed weakness. We set out five reasons to expect the economy to take time to recover.

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The risks of investing

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