Video Banking: your advisor by video conference

A personal conversation via a computer, tablet or smartphone

You no longer have to leave home to discuss financial matters with an advisor. With video banking, whether it concerns the performance of your investment portfolio or advice on wealth planning, you can talk to your Private Banker and our specialists via video conferencing whenever it suits you. 

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How do you reach your advisor by video conference?

  1. Make an appointment 
  2. We will send you an e-mail with the invitation link for the video conference. 
  3. Are you participating via your computer? You don't need to download any specific application. Are you participating via your tablet or smartphone? Download and install the "Microsoft Teams" application. You can participate as a guest and do not need to create an account. 
  4. Click on the link contained in the invitation at the agreed upon time 
  5. The video conference begins

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Microsoft Teams work correctly with all types of Internet browsers?

No. The online version of Microsoft Teams works best with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.
If you don't have one of these web browsers installed on your computer, you have the choice of installing one of them or downloading and installing Microsoft Teams. If you choose the latter, once you download Teams, you don't need to create an account or sign in, you can simply participate as a guest.

What happens if I accidentally deleted the meeting invitation, or forgot to accept it and can't find the invitation?

No problem! Simply contact your Private Banker or specialist advisor by e-mail or telephone and he will be happy to send you another invitation.