ABN AMRO Credit Cards

For Its credit card services, ABN AMRO Belgium switched to the digital credit card platform and associated services of Advanzia Bank S.A., a renowned Luxembourg banking service provider offering a complete range of private and corporate banking services.

As an ABN AMRO client, you have the possibility to apply for a new credit card by completing the necessary application form. Your Relationship Manager will gladly tell you more about the benefits and services that come with the credit card.

You can also find a list of frequently asked questions​ (PDF 534 KB) that you can consult.

Benefits of the ABN AMRO Credit Card

ABN AMRO offers 2 types of credit cards: Silver & Gold. Both cards share following benefits:

  • 3D secure: additional security for online purchases
  • Contactless payments
  • 24/7/365 customer service & fraud monitoring
  • Access to your transactions, balance, statements, etc. on the digital platform anytime, anywhere
  • Option to receive email statements
  • An unlimited number of additional credit cards for family members, employees, etc. with a different limit for each additional card (extra fee per additional card)
  • In case of loss, theft, damage, etc. an emergency card with PIN code within 1 working day after your request, no matter where you are (extra fee per card / extra fee per PIN)
  • Worldwide travel insurance linked to your personal credit card and those of the additional card holders

Digital Credit Card Platform

As an ABN AMRO cardholder, you can manage your account online, set up SMS alerts, check your balance, view transactions, or print your statements via Capitol Service online. That is our fast, convenient, secure and protected online account management system for smartphone, tablet or PC.

You can find the digital credit card platform on mycapitolcards.com where you can:

  • opt for SMSAlerts
  • request your statements
  • consult account of your additional cardholders
  • turn your “on” or “off”.

Helpdesk ABN AMRO Credit Card

If you are in possession of an ABN AMRO Credit Card, you can count on a specialized helpdesk that offers you the necessary support in the event of theft, loss or technical issues. This is your first point of contact in case of problems. The helpdesk can be reached at the number +352 26 15 74 and is available 365 days a year; 24/7 to assist you if necessary.


  • Always accessible: day and night, all days of the week, including holidays and closing days
  • Guaranteed, immediate blocking of your credit card
  • Processing a new credit card application

Information needed in case of blocking:

  • the number of cards to be blocked
  • the name of the issuer of your card (usually your bank)
  • the account number associated with your lost or stolen card
  • the card number or the personal details (name, first name, date of birth and postal code) of the cardholder (usually yourself)