Investment Advice


Do you prefer to manage your investments yourself? But would you also like to be able to rely on expert advice from an investment advisor? Then Investment Advice is the right option for you.

Your Private Banker will help you make the right choice between Comfort, Active, Dynamic or Investment Consultation Advice.

Advantages of Investment Advice

Expert Investment Advice

Investment specialists and analysts from ABN AMRO Private Banking investigate companies, investment funds and investment products all over the world. They analyze quantitative aspects of companies (turnover, profit, balance sheet structure, etc.) and qualitative elements (e.g. composition and quality of management). The context in which the company operates (sector, country, region) is also examined.

In this way, our analysts develop their long-term view of a company, economy or currency and formulate specific advice (buy, sell, keep). If the investment advice is right for you, taking into account your investment and risk profile, your investment advisor will be proactive in passing it on to you. Then it’s up to you to decide whether or not to go along with the advice. You’re in control.

Which package is right for you?

Investment Advice 
Active Investment Advice Dynamic Investment Advice
Contact with your Investment Advisor Several times a year Several times a month Several times a week
Investment Horizon Long-term Long or slightly shoter term Short-term
Investor Profile Low risk Moderate risk Above average risk

Do you prefer to receive occasional investment advice when you deem necessary? Then Investment Consultation might be the right option for you. Find out more about this package here.