Discretionary Portfolio management


A professionally constructed and managed investment portfolio

Opt for Discretionary Portfolio Management and let our experts manage your assets.

Beforehand, you’ll make clear agreements about your financial wishes and requirements and your risk profile. So you save time and gain peace of mind.

You can rely on our experts for optimal management of your portfolio.

Choose from five management mandates for your portfolio

You have a choice of five Discretionary Portfolio Management mandates, each with their own specific features. Your portfolio manager will help you choose the right mandate for you, depending on your financial position and investment goal. You place your assets in the knowledgeable and reliable hands of professional experts.

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Sustainable Investment Mandate

a portfolio investing in socially responsible companies

Sustainable investment mandate

Special Mandate

a portfolio constructed based on specific client requirements or particular management restrictions

Special Mandate

Multi Manager Mandate

a portfolio with an optimal spread of strongly performing investment funds from highly regarded fund management houses

Multi Manager Mandate

Classic Mandate

an investment portfolio of individual equities and bonds

Classic mandate

Dynamic Asset Allocation Mandate

ABN AMRO Instituten & Charitas

a portfolio constructed based on active allocation across various asset classes

Dynamic Asset Allocation Mandate