Transparant rates

At ABN AMRO, with Investment Advice, you choose between an all-in fee (including all charges*) and an advice fee (with separate billing for your buy and sell orders). With Portfolio Management you automatically receive an all-in fee.

ABN AMRO also passes on all (trailer) fees it receives from fund managers to you. ABN AMRO is the first in the market to implement this fully for both Investment Advice and Portfolio Management.

* Apart from tax and charges for option transactions. 


What are trailer fees?

At ABN AMRO, we pass on all (trailer) fees we receive from fund managers to you.

How does this work in practice?

Fund managers charge a management fee in return for their services. This fee is collected by the fund itself and then deducted from the net asset value of the fund.

Example: an equity fund is bought for €100 and has a management fee of 1%. If after one year the value of the underlying stocks in the fund have remained the same, the fund will still be worth €99; €1 is collected by the fund as a management fee.

It is usual in the banking sector for the fund manager to pass on part of the management fee to the bank where the client keeps their funds. This amount is known as a trailer fee: the payment to the bank for making the distribution channel, in this case the bank, available.ABN AMRO Retrocessies

Example: client Janssens buys into ’’manager Y’ s fund through ‘bank X’ for €10,000 ‘, for which an annual management fee of 1% applies.  ’’Manager Y’ has an agreement with ’bank X’ that 50% of this fee is paid back to ‘bank X’ in the form of a trailer fee. So, ‘Bank X’ receives €50 (= €10.000 x 1% x 50%) each year from ’’manager Y’.

If this is an ABN AMRO client who has taken out a contract for Investment Advice or Portfolio Management, ABN AMRO will pass on this €50 to the client. ABN AMRO is the first in the Belgian banking sector to do this.

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