Sustainable investment policy


ABN AMRO introduces this year (2014), its sustainability policy (Sustainability Policy for Investements or SPI)

The SPI defines the sustainability criteria used by the bank in her investment process and in the selection of investment funds and mandates of external parties. This counts for all investments – not just the sustainable ones.

Besides external sustainable investment funds of external parties, the bank also offers its own sustainable products.  These include the Sustainable Investment Mandate and the SRI Global Sustainable Equity Fund. 

A blacklist excludes certain companies…

Certain investments are excluded from our investment portfolios. Our standard investment products and services also have to comply with strict conditions.

In 2012, the bank introduced a Controversial Weapons List of companies involved in the production of controversial weapons. Shares and bonds from these companies are not sold as part of any investment offer from ABN AMRO whatsoever. This list also contains unlisted companies as they may have outstanding public loans. The list further contains some companies associated with nuclear weapons based in countries which have not signed the NATO non-proliferation treaty. Our policy in this respect is therefore stricter than required under Dutch law.

Investment funds sold via the ABN AMRO network must comply with Dutch legislation and must not keep more than 5% of their investments in companies involved in the production of controversial weapons. Distribution of funds which do not fulfil these criteria ceased in 2014.

ABN AMRO has signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI). Also asset managers of investment funds sold by the bank have been asked to sign them or a similar treaty.
Over 85% of these fund managers have meanwhile signed the UNPRI treaty.

… and pioneers of sustainability are included in the ABN AMRO Global Sustainable Equity Fund

The ABN AMRO Global Sustainable Equity Fund was launched in 2013. The fund selects companies that outperform other companies in their sector in terms of sustainability. The fund also seeks out companies offering solutions for sustainable development.

Sustainable Investment Mandate

Sustainable Investment Mandate

Within Discretionary Portfolio Management, you can opt for sustainable investment too.

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