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Sustainability Dashboard

Clear insight into the impact of your investments

Sustainability Dashboard

  • A clear idea of the impact of your investments
  • ESG ratings and other concepts explained
  • For Investments Advice and Discretionary Portfolio Management clients

You make sustainable investments or ESG investments with an aim to achieving global progress as well as potential returns. But what impact are your sustainable or ESG investments actually having? How highly do your sustainable choices score? Our unique Sustainability Dashboard gives you a clear idea of the impact of your investments.


A clear view on the impact of your investments

Clear graphs, tables and more, give you a transparant overview of how well your investments are doing in key sustainability areas.

How to acces your Sustainability Dashboard?

Log in to Online Banking and select an investment portfolio.

Click on 'Portfolio' and then on the Sustainability tab.

This will give you an onverview of how well your investment portfolio is doing in terms of sustainability.

What can you see in the Sustainability Dashboard?

Afbeelding ESG-RIsicoscore

ESG Risk Rating

How sustainable is a company's approach to the environment, society and governance? And how sustainable is it to invest in that company? This is reflected in the ESG Risk Rating. The lower the rating, the better.

Afbeelding CO2-uitstoot

CO2 emissions

How much CO2 are the companies in your portfolio emitting? Here, too, the rating is better the lower it goes.


The Paris Climate Agreement

Here you can see up to what your portfolio is in line with the goals set out in the Paris Climate Agreement. The higher the year, the longer your portfolio will meet the climate goals.

Afbeelding_Duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelen

Sustainable development goals

How do your investments help to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? The pie chart shows both the positive and negative impact of your portfolio.

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Sustainable or ESG investments: good for the world, good for you

With a sustainable or ESG investment portfolio, you show your social commitment to people, society and the environment. It gives you the opportunity to invest in a better future. Both for you and the generations that follow you.