Open architecture

Our advice and decisions in managing your assets are based on the principle of Open Architecture. The selection of funds lies in the trusted hands of a team of experts.

Since 1998, ABN AMRO Investment Solutions has acquired a very broad expertise in selecting the best-ranked funds in a universe of world-renowned funds, including large “niche” funds. 

The selection of your funds lies in the trusted hands of a team of experts 

The selection of funds is entrusted to the subsidiary ABN AMRO Investment Solutions, the multi-management expertise center in Paris and Amsterdam. A team of more than 40 specialists spread across Paris and Amsterdam monitors the global offer of all investment categories closely. With a mix of quantitative and qualitative criteria, they build a strong and robust investment process focused on selecting the best funds. 

In order to keep the finger on the pulse, they visit an average of 1000 fund managers each year. Their competence lies in different areas: 

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