U bent succesvol uitgelogd.


Report a demise

The loss of a loved one can affect you deeply. As next of kin, you will have a lot to deal with. We shall be happy to help you ensure your banking issues are handled properly.

Do you have questions about a legacy?

  • Was the deceased a client of ABN AMRO Belgium and do you have a question about a current legacy? Click here. 
  • Would you like to know whether a deceased person was a client of ABN AMRO Belgium? Click here. 

If you have any questions regarding Dutch banking accounts, please refer to the website of ABN AMRO Netherlands.

Steps for reporting a demise

  1. You inform us that someone passed away

    It is important that you inform us about the passing as soon as possible. We can then handle the banking aspects for you with the necessary care and attention.

    How can you report a demise?

    • via your Private Banker or your trusted contact at the bank; 
    • via your bank branch; 
    • via our online form.

    What does the bank do after passing on? You can read about this in our brochure on inheritances.

  2. You provide us with the necessary documents

    The documents we shall then need for further processing will depend on the situation and the products (cash/securities/loans) in the accounts of the deceased. Below you will find an explanation of some of the documents we will ask for. 

    2.1. Death certificate 

    We must be able to establish the demise officially. This is done via the “death certificate”. The registrar of the municipality where the demise occurred issues this document. The undertaker will normally arrange to obtain this document for you. 

    2.2. Certificate or deed of inheritance 

    We always need a “certificate or deed of inheritance” in order to be able to deal with banking issues. Among other things, this determines who the heirs are and who is authorised to act on behalf of the estate. 

    As an heir, you are legally obliged to have a deed of inheritance drawn up by a notary if: 

    • the deceased was married under a marriage contract; or 
    • the deceased has left a will; or 
    • the deceased has had a “deed of gift between spouses” drawn up by a notary; or 
    • there are “incapacitated heirs”, such as minors, adults with guardians, etc. 
    A notary will charge a fee for the preparation of a deed of inheritance. 
    In all other cases, you can have the certificate of inheritance drawn up by the Administration of Legal Security of the Federal Public Service Finance. The Administration of Legal Security will undertake the necessary searches and then provide the certificate free of charge. If this deed or certificate refers to a debt, the bank must first receive confirmation that it has been paid before being able to release funds. 

    2.3. Signed instruction 

    In order to distribute the estate among the heirs, the bank must receive a signed instruction from all heirs. It is also possible for all the heirs to jointly give a power of attorney to one of them or to the notary charged with the settlement of the estate. This person may then represent them collectively for this settlement. Your Private Banker or trusted contact will provide you with more information about this. This document contains: 
    • information about the account concerned; 
    • the amount that will be transferred to the heirs;
    • copies of identity card(s); 
    • the signatures of all the heirs.
  3. The accounts are unfrozen

    Have we received all the necessary documents from you (see Stage 2)? Then we may unfreeze the accounts. The heirs or the person handling the estate must then determine what is to be done with the deceased’s account. For example, a joint account may be continued in the sole name of the surviving spouse. If the deceased was the sole holder of an account, the assets on this account are transferred to an account in the names of the heirs. The deceased’s account is then closed.
  4. A review of your situation

    After a demise, there are many things to be done. You have a lot of arrangements to make and will likely need the answers to certain questions. After dealing with all the matters relating to the demise, you may also have questions about your own situation. For example, what you can best do with the money you received. And whether it makes sense to sell any investment products. We would be happy to take the time to inform you as an heir personally about our services.

Do you have any more questions?

Please contact the deceased’s trusted contact person at the bank. 

He or she will be happy to help you.