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Quick Start Identified Screen Scraping

PSD2 Developer


In order to link your service offering to our bank’s services we, as ABN AMRO, prefer the use of our API’s. These API’s and their technical documentation can be found on the https://developer.abnamro.com/

If you would find any objections in using these API’s we can provide an alternative, being Identified Screen Scraping. This solution makes use of the necessary EIDAS certificates in order to make it Identified and validates the PSD2 license from a local competent authority.

Target group of this offering is limited to Private Banking Clients in Belgium (including former Société Générale Private Banking Belgium).

In order to reach these clients online accounts you can link to https://tpp.abnamroprivatebanking.be/ and integrate them in your online offering.


What: Identified Screen Scraping

Target group: ABN AMRO Private Banking Belgium Branch (including former Société Générale Private Banking)

How: https://tpp.abnamroprivatebanking.be/

Questions: https://developer.abnamro.com/contact