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Sustainable Impact Fund

ABN AMRO launches 425 million euro fund for sustainable impact companies

12 June 2021

ABN AMRO is proud to announce the Sustainable Impact Fund (SIF), a fund investing in companies accelerating the transition towards a sustainable and inclusive society.
ABN AMRO Head Office Antwerp

Welcome to our new headquarters: Post X opens its doors

On Monday 6 April the head office of ABN AMRO Belgium officially moved to the Post X buildings in Antwerp-Berchem. A modern office, furnished with an eye for sustainability and adapted to the new way of working.

Hoofdkantoor ABN AMRO

Eight highlights from our annual report

On Wednesday 10 March, ABN AMRO published its annual report for 2020. A clear and accessible story about how we as a bank are doing.

Investment Outlook: opening up

Society is opening up – and so is the economy. Against this background, we continue to prefer equities over bonds. Over the past few months, equities have been performing strongly. But we believe there are more than enough reasons to remain positive on this asset class.