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Whistleblower’s reporting procedure

Trust is one of our organisation's core values. Integrity is a key element of everything we do. We take it seriously about being able to report any suspected abuse or irregularities at ABN AMRO or its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “ABN AMRO”). This is why ABN AMRO has a Whistleblower’s reporting procedure.

Who is it for?

Our Whistleblower’s reporting procedure allows both employees and third parties to report (suspected) abuse or irregularities at ABN AMRO. 

Employees are encouraged to discuss any (suspected) abuse or irregularities with their manager first if possible.

When to use the whistleblowing channel

The Whistleblower’s reporting procedure is only intended for reporting (suspected) abuse or irregularities such as those provided in the non-exhaustive list below:

  • Unfair, fraudulent, inappropriate, illegal or negligent professional activities or conduct of ABN AMRO employees;
  • An individual's failure to act appropriately, decently or in accordance with the law when doing their job.

Examples of this include:

  • Violations of civil law, criminal law or other regulations; 
  • Harassment, bullying or forms of discrimination in the workplace; 
  • Violations or breaches of ABN AMRO’s core values, internal rules or regulations, or any other unethical conduct.
Note: The Whistleblower’s reporting procedure's protection does not apply to all of the report types mentioned above. Such protection is limited to whistleblowers who have gained information about violations in a work-related context or about issues such as consumer protection, privacy, personal data protection and network and information system security (for a more detailed list, read the Whistleblower's reporting procedure .

When not to use the whistleblowing channel

The Whistleblower’s reporting procedure is not intended for:

  • Complaints about ABN AMRO. The Complaints Procedure should be followed for this;
  • Breaches or complaints about ABN AMRO customers; 
  • Reporting or handling personal employee complaints. 

How can I report a breach or irregularity about ABN AMRO?

  • Click the “Create a new report” button on this page.
  • Call +31(0)20-343 8792 to submit a report in Dutch or English. To submit a report in French, call +31(0)20-629 6829. If you call outside of office hours, you can leave a message. 
  • Write a letter to the Whistleblowing team, PAC HQ9070, Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, 1082 PP Amsterdam, Netherlands. 
  • Schedule a meeting with a member of the Whistleblowing team. 
Reports for ABN AMRO’s Belgian branch are handled by the whistleblowing team of the Security & Integrity Management (SIM) department. This team of experts is part of the ABN AMRO Group and is based in the Netherlands.