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Private Wealth Management

Dealing discreetly and professionally with your assets

The greater your capital, the more complex the issues. For example, how do you want to transfer your assets to the next generation? How do you guarantee your privacy during these times? And how can you make an impact on society with your assets?

With Private Wealth Management you have a personal Senior Wealth Manager. Together with the Commercial Assistant Wealth Manager and an investment adviser, they form the core of your client service team that looks at your assets critically and with an expert eye.


Private Wealth Management for you

What are your goals and how would you like to use your assets to achieve them? Your Senior Wealth Manager challenges you in this area and is your sparring partner on the following topics:

  • Income and assets
  • Privacy structure
  • Asset allocation and investments
  • Transfer of wealth
  • (Living) will
  • Family statute

Get started with your assets

Every asset requires a customised approach. Your permanent client service team can call on dedicated specialists for credit, investment advice, asset management and cash management. They also have access to specialists from Treasury, Global Markets, Custody, Corporate Banking and Informal Investment Services. We also have an extensive network of external specialists for tax advice that we can refer you to and we are in contact with your family office.

For whom?

Private Wealth Management is specifically aimed at assets of € 25 million or more.

Are you interested in Private Wealth Management? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Dealing discreetly and professionally with your assets

Not yet a client of ABN AMRO Private Banking and would like to know what our Private Wealth Management experts can do for you? Then contact us immediately.

Marleen Celen

Email: marleen.celen@be.abnamro.com

Tel: +32(0)3 222 0364

Interested in banking with Private Wealth Management?

Do you have assets of € 25 million or more and are you interested in Private Wealth Management? Please contact us obligation-free.

Pierre-Jean Nobécourt

Tel: +32(0)2 229 5858


Why Private Wealth Management


Privacy and trust

Private Wealth Management works with 2 dedicated teams that operate out of our offices in Antwerp and Brussels on your and your family´s behalf.


Private events

Special private (international) events where you can get in touch with other Private Wealth Management clients.


International expertise

We have Private Wealth Management offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany and a Corporate Banking network at your disposal.