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Using personal data with or without your consent

We may share your personal data within our group for internal back-office purposes or with a view to improve our services to you, or because the law requires us to do so. This allows us to gain a better overview of your financial situation. It may be important for us to know, for instance, that you have already taken out a loan from one of our subsidiaries when you apply for a loan from us.


Undertakings affiliated with ABN AMRO are also allowed to contact you with offers. In such context, it must be possible for you to verify that the undertaking is affiliated with ABN AMRO, for instance because our name or logos are being used, or because this is clearly stated on the website or in the advertisements.

Using personal data with or without your consent

In most cases, ABN AMRO uses your personal data without obtaining your consent. This is permitted by law. We do this because:

Sometimes, however, we are required to ask you for your consent. Before you give consent, we recommend that you carefully read the information we provide concerning the use of your personal data. If you have given consent and you want to withdraw or modify your consent, you can do so very easily. Read more about modifying or withdrawing your consent. [withdrawing consent].

In which situations do we ask you for your consent? We will in any event ask you to give consent in the following situations:

  1. We always ask for your consent before we process special categories of your personal data. We do not use special categories of personal data without your consent unless the law states we are required or permitted to do so.
  2. Another party requests access to your payment details so that you can make use of external applications such as a financial journal.
  3. Another party wants to make a payment for you, for example when an online purchase is to be performed.
  4. We make use of cookies and similar technology on our websites and/or in apps in order to make you personalised offers. For more details, see our Cookie Statement.
  5. In some apps, we require access to information about your location.
  6. When we make use of automated decision-making and profiling and the law states that we need your consent.

Good to know:

When we use your personal data on the basis of the law or a legitimate interest, we do not require your consent to use your personal data. In such cases, however, you may raise an objection [link].

Required personal data

If we need personal data from you in order to conclude a contract with you and you refuse to provide this data even though this is required by law, we cannot enter into a contract with you, or, if a contract already exists, we must terminate our contract with you. The required personal data is specified in the (online) forms we occasionally need you to complete.

Do you want us to remove your personal data from our systems? Unfortunately, we cannot remove required personal data. We need this data, for instance for the performance of the contract you have with us, or because we are required to keep this data by law or due to a legitimate interest of the bank.

Camera images, telephone calls, chat messages and video chat sessions

If you visit a branch of our bank, we may capture images of you on camera. We do this for security purposes. We may also record your telephone calls with our managers and advisers. We do this for the purpose of improving our services or because of a legal obligation. We handle video and audio recordings with due care. They are subject to the same rules as other personal data. You may exercise your rights, such as your right of access. Information about all your rights can be found here.