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Use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes

If you have previously purchased a product or service from us, we are keen to keep you informed about similar products and services we offer that are suited to your needs. This also applies if you are a visitor to our website. In order to do this properly, we use various sources.


These are described below.

  1. The personal data that we received from you in the context of the contract. When you visit our website, we study how you use the website. We do this using your IP address. We can then make you offers that are relevant to you personally. In that case, you must have agreed to the use of cookies and similar technology such as JavaScript. For more information about cookies, please see our Cookie Statement. You can also read more about profiling and direct marketing.
  2. The use of social media depends on the privacy settings you use on social media sites.
  3. Other sources of information, including public sources. We will always check first whether a public or other source of information can be used reliably. Where applicable, we will check whether you, as a client, have consented to the use of personal data that comes from another party.