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Other parties using your personal data

There are situations in which we need to provide your personal data to other people and entities involved in the provision of our services. These are described below. If you transfer money to another bank, your personal details will also end up with that bank. This is unavoidable.


Our service providers

We work with other companies that help us provide services to you. We are not permitted to pass your personal data on to them without good reason. This is governed by legal rules. We therefore carefully select these companies and reach clear agreements with them on how they are to handle your personal data. We remain responsible for your personal data.

Competent public authorities

Our supervisory authorities, the FPS Finance, the Public Prosecution Office and other public authorities may ask us to provide data relating to you. The law specifies when we are required to provide this data.

Financial services providers

Do you want us to give your personal data to providers of financial services? This is possible if you give your consent first. We will then be required to provide your personal data to these third parties. If you share your personal data with other parties yourself, we are not responsible for how they use your personal data. In that case, the privacy statements of those third parties are applicable. More information.