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Mobile banking: quick, convenient and secure

Security on your phone itself provides extra protection

In just a few years, mobile banking has really taken off. Huge numbers of consumers have discovered the benefits of a quick balance check, simple transfers and payment requests via Payconiq and other apps. But how open is mobile banking to fraud in reality?
Some people think that mobile banking is less secure than online banking on a PC or laptop. Especially because it's so easy to use, but also because you can easily lose your smartphone. And that's actually a misconception…

The jury is out

There are no figures that prove mobile banking is any less safe than banking online on a computer. Our Fraud Helpdesk, for example, has received hardly any reports of abuse. 

Smartphones are actually extremely secure. Computers are hacked more frequently than smartphones, or infected with viruses and malware, which are also easier to spread via computers. Smartphones themselves are more secure than PCs. It is true, however, that criminals tend to follow trends, and we can therefore expect them to increase their focus on smartphones.


However, this is not a cause for concern. ABN AMRO invests a lot of time and resources in ensuring the security of its Digital Banking App and always works with the latest mobile security technology. 

Phones themselves are also becoming more and more secure, and smartphones are increasingly unlocked using facial recognition and fingerprints. If the user does lose their smartphone, our Digital Banking App cannot be misused by third parties due to the hard-to-crack access code. The verification methods are very advanced. And if you're in any doubt, you can block the app immediately.

Personal responsibility

As with online banking, end users also need to take some responsibility themselves. Failure to pay attention or being careless may cause users problems. There have been some pop-ups that appear on-screen and look a bit like the Digital Banking App login screen, so you should always take care to make sure you have the real app in front of you. 

Paying attention is always important, but the technology behind our Digital Banking App is absolutely secure. This makes smartphone banking a very secure – and convenient – way to check your portfolio or make transfers.

What can you do yourself?

  • Always keep your codes secret 
  • Don't use any open Wi-Fi networks (such as at airports and in restaurants) 
  • Make sure you always have the latest update of the Digital Banking App installed 
  • We will always ask you to go through the registration process again if you wish to install the Digital Banking App on another device
Icon Digital Banking App
Icon Digital Banking App

Digital Banking App

Analyse and manage your portfolio with the app ABN AMRO Belgium PB.

  • Consult the value of your portfolio at any time. 
  • Follow the evolution of your investments by sector, currency, value and geographical area whenever and wherever you want.
  • Now also payments possible up to 50,000 euros.