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Personal data protection

We go to great lengths to ensure the highest possible level of protection for your information:

  • We invest in our systems, procedures and people.
  • We make sure that our working methods are in accordance with the sensitive nature of your information.
  • We train our people on how to keep your information safe and secure.

For security reasons, we are unable to provide details of the precise measures we take. But you may have come across some of the following measures we use to protect your personal data:

  • Security of our online services
  • We follow a two-step process to establish your identity (authentication)
  • Security questions when you call us
  • Requirements to send confidential documents
  • Extra secure bankmail for confidential messages in Online Banking.

Security is our shared priority. If, for example, you encounter breaches in our security, you can report them to us confidentially (be.compliance@be.abnamro.com).