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List of used cookies

This overview is a list of all cookies we use on abnamro.be and abnamroprivatebanking.be


All cookies

Name Type of cookie Validity Cookie name
Adobe Functional 2 years AMCV_0861467352782C
Adobe Functional session AMCVS_0861467352782C
Adobe SiteCatalyst Analytics 2 years s_vi_hkghdx7Bfge
Adobe SiteCatalyst Analytics 2 years s_vi_mnbmax7Ecbx60x21ixx
Adobe Audience Manager Functional 6 months demdex
Adobe Audience Manager Functional 6 months dpm
Adobe SiteCatalyst Analytics 5 years s_pers
Adobe SiteCatalyst Analytics session s_sess
Adobe SiteCatalyst Analytics session s_sq
Adobe Target Marketing 2 weeks mbox
Adobe SiteCatalyst Analytics session s_cc
Akamai Functional during session akacd_DDA_PR
Akamai Functional 2 hours akak_bmsc
Backbase Functional 6 months anonymousUserId
Backbase Functional session BBXSRF
EverestTech Marketing 1 month ev_sync_dd
EverestTech Marketing 2 years everest_g_v2
EverestTech Marketing session everest_session_v2
Facebook Marketing 90 days _fbp
Facebook Marketing session _sm_au_d
Facebook Marketing session act
Facebook Marketing 6 months c_user
Facebook Marketing 1 day datr
Facebook Marketing session dpr
Facebook Marketing 90 days fr
Facebook Marketing session presence
Facebook Marketing 1 day sb
Facebook Marketing 1 day spin
Facebook Marketing 6 months xs
Google Analytics Analytics 2 years _ga
Google Analytics Analytics session _gat_gtag_UA_66293666_1
Google Analytics Analytics 1 day _gid
Google Doubleclick Marketing sessie _sm_au_d
Google Doubleclick Analytics / Marketing 6 months NID
Google Doubleclick Marketing session test_cookie
Linkedin Marketing 2 years bcookie
Linkedin Marketing session lang
Linkedin Marketing 2 days lidc
Linkedin Marketing 180 days UserMatchHistory
Linkedin Marketing session JSESSIONID
Relay42 Functional session _svlet
Relay42 Marketing 2 years _svs
Relay42 Marketing 22 months _svtri
Snapchat Marketing 13 months _svtri
Tealium Analytics 1 year TAPID
Tealium IQ Functional 11 months allowcookies
Tealium IQ Functional 90 days CONSENTMGR
Tealium IQ Functional 2 years Homepage
Tealium IQ Performance 1 year utag_main
Tealium IQ Analytics / Marketing 30 days UVID
abnamro Functional / Performance session AppOnDevice
abnamro Functional 2 years firstLoadQR
abnamro Performance session LBCSS
abnamro Functional 10 years rpLoginPreference
abnamro Functional session SMSession
abnamro Functional session TS014a0bd3
abnamro Functional session TS01cd3119
abnamro Analytics 2 years _sdsat_UVID
Type (Functional, technical, Analytical) Cookie   Name Expiry   date/time Type   of cookie Country What   purpose used for?
Functional PSSESSIONID Session Application - PB portal It is unique identifier to maintain the session in between   browser and portal server to logged-in client. It is valid till the user is   active in the portal.
Analytical ADRUM App Dynamics   cookies written by the JavaScript Agent, this cookie contains the   referral page URL and some timing information to assist gathering First Byte   Time for some browser types. When the agent loads on the subsequent   page, it reads the information and then deletes the cookie. If there is no   agent on that page, the cookie is deleted when the browser is closed. For   privacy purposes, the URL of the referral page is hashed.
Analytical ADRUM_BT written by the server-side agent when the page is served   from an instrumented server. These cookies help correlate browser data with   related server-side performance data
Analytical ADRUM_BTa contains the backend transaction ID as well as timing info   and is used to correlates end-user experience with the health of the backend   app
Analytical ADRUM_BTg contains the backend transaction ID and is used as an   alternative method to correlate end-user experience with the health   of the backend app.
Analytical ADRUM_BT[1-5] contains the business transaction numbers as well as   timing and error info for the first five business transactions, such   as ADRUM_BT1, ADRUM_BT2, etc.
Analytical ADRUM_BTs contains a link from a browser snapshot to a server   snapshot.
Analytical ADRUM_BTh only written if there was a server-side error
Functional BBXSRF Session Backbase used for CSRF protection by backbase
Functional anonymousUserId 1 year Backbase used for identify user status
Functional WSESSIONID Session Application - PB portal Used for sticky session with Kosmos
Analytical utag_main Tealium
Functional s_cc
Functional UVID
Functional PD-S-SESSION-ID Session Application - PB portal Webseal to maintain session