Investment strategy: fear replaced by cautious optimism

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Recession fears have receded and investors are beginning to focus again on fundamentals. As markets stabilize, risky assets such as stocks are favoured over bonds.

A gradual market recovery is underway, with stabilisation and improvement seen in equity, bond, commodity and currency markets. Volatility is declining and financial conditions are improving. The adverse market conditions that contributed to the worst start of the year on record are gradually retreating. Fundamentals are coming more into focus with investors, and this trend is expected to continue.

The Global Investment Committee, after increasing the equity allocation at its monthly meeting in February, made no change to the asset allocation at its meeting on 17 March. The committee continues to believe that the investment environment remains favourable for risk taking. The asset allocation therefore consists of an overweight in stocks, a strong underweight in bonds and overweight allocations to hedge funds and commodities.

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