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Base interest rates

Below is a list of the key base interest rates. The tables below show the key base interest rates that are used for commercial and private interest products. They also show the key interest rates of the European Central Bank and De Nederlandsche Bank.

See the guide for an explanation of the key terms

Base rates in Belgium Date of effect Rate
Belgium PC Euro base rate 01/04/2017 2.00%
3 month Euribor (monthly fixing)
(source: Reuters)
01/06/2018 -0.321%

Base rates in the Netherlands Date of effect Rate
ABN AMRO Euro Base call 31/07/2014 0.00%
ABN AMRO Euro Base rate 01/05/2017 3.40%
Main refinancing operation
(refi interest rate source: ECB)
01/04/2017 -0.40%
Lending rate premium ABN AMRO 01/05/2018


1 month Euribor
(source: Reuters)


1 month average Euribor ABN AMRO
31/03/2018 -0.372%
Euribor market premium ABN AMRO 01/04/2018 0.10%
Libor USD market premium ABN AMRO 01/06/2018


Libor GBP market premium ABN AMRO 01/04/2018 0.25%
1 month Euribor Lending
(source: DNB)
01/06/2018 -0.370%