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ABN AMRO Gustav Mahlerlaan


ABN AMRO is a leading Dutch bank focused primarily on North-West Europe where it offers loans, mortgages and other banking services to businesses and individuals.


Strategy and purpose

ABN AMRO has a clear purpose: Banking for better, for generations to come. We take the role we play in society seriously. We try to contribute to a better world by pursuing a sustainable policy. Together with our customers, we take on the challenges of our time and shape the future. We do this by providing long-term value and trust. And we stand by them, in the moments that matter.


ABN AMRO Private Banking

Our customers have different ambitions and responsibilities. Moreover, circumstances are always different. For this reason, we have developed our services and products to be able to tailor them to the different needs of, for example, international entrepreneurs, charities, heirs (in the event of an inheritance), or (ultra) high net worth individuals. In addition, our experts can advise you on how best to invest sustainably, in line with your portfolio objectives and strategy.

ABN AMRO Private Banking subsidiaries

ABN AMRO Private Banking is a leading European private bank. In addition to our private banking services in Belgium, we have subsidiaries in the Netherlands ( ABN AMRO MeesPierson ), France ( Neuflize OBC ) and Germany ( Bethmann Bank ).

ABN AMRO MeesPierson

ABN AMRO MeesPierson is a bank with a 300-year history and is the largest private bank in the Netherlands. In its 26 private banking offices, you will be accompanied at every stage of your life by a specialist private banker.

Neuflize OBC

Neuflize OBC is a major player in the French private banking market. From its 11 offices in the main cities of France, Neuflize OBC offers a 360° approach to all aspects of your private and professional assets.

Bethmann Bank

Bethmann Bank is one of the oldest banks in Germany and has 12 branches in the most important economic regions. More than 300 years of experience in private banking have taught us that acting in accordance with true values is the most important condition for our success: transparency, personal service and expertise.

ABN AMRO Corporate Banking

In addition to Private Banking, you can also contact us for an extensive range of products and services within Corporate Banking. With our in-depth financial expertise, broad knowledge of many sectors and our international network, you have come to the right place at ABN AMRO.

Diamond & Jewellery Clients

ABN AMRO has provided financial services to the diamond and jewellery industry worldwide for over a hundred years. Our Diamond & Jewellery Clients (D&JC) department has its head office in Pelikaanstraat in Antwerp.

Corporate & Institutional Clients

ABN AMRO has developed strong expertise in serving large corporate clients both in the Netherlands and internationally. In Belgium, a team of financial experts is at your service. They know the local market and your sector thoroughly and are happy to help you think about the future of your company. For this we offer a comprehensive package of products and services, which vary from financing to strategic advice.

Transaction Banking Hub

Unknown rules and procedures, there is a lot to consider when doing business abroad. Banking in Belgium is becoming a lot simpler with the support of our Transaction Banking Hub. The Transaction Banking Hub is active in the main European financial centres, with teams in Belgium, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. 

Find out if the Transaction Banking Hub can do something for your company.